Mandy CD

Hi there, my name is Mandy and I’m a 50 year old cross dresser living in Southern England. I’ve been enjoying womens clothes for most of my life on and off and I’m fortunate enough to be in a relationship where my partner is happy for me to do so.

A lot of CD’s do so for the thrill, sexual excitement and just to spice up a sex life. I do it because I love womens clothes. For me, the variety of styles really stand out and I can spend ages looking for new clothes and wishing I had a slightly better figure to wear some of them. 2021 will see me losing some weight; I’d like to get back to the size I was in the picture above. That is my goal!

For now, I will be posting pictures and updates. One day, when this pandemic is in our distant past, I hope to be able to get to Pride dressed up…. will that be 2021 though?

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